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October 15, 2009


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April 2, 2007


Oolong (July 28, 1994 – January 8, 2003) (named after the oolong variety of tea) was the name of a domestic rabbit owned by photographer Hironori Akutagawa, of Hokkaidō, Japan. The rabbit was mainly famous for its ability to balance a variety of objects on his head. Oolong has become a well known Internet phenomenon […]

March 31, 2007


O RLY?, short for “Oh, really?” is typically presented as an image macro featuring a Snowy Owl. The usual conversation flow starts with O RLY?, triggering a YA RLY (“Yes, really”) response, followed by a NO WAI! (“No way”), and then possibly a YA SRSLY (“Seriously”). These may be used in combination with any number […]