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So in case you haven’t seen it, the latest meme going around the interwebz is Sad Keanu Reeves – a paparazzi photo that has lead to a spontaneous snowball of everything from “We love Keanu” support, charity tie-ins, Photoshop mashups and the kind of downright silliness only an internet meme (especially a Reddit-powered one) can randomly spew.


Sad Keanu Reeves


So why is Keanu sad? Well firstly I don’t know that he is, I mean for god’s sake the man is looking at the sandwich he is eating. Maybe he looks a bit bummed out but that could be because his sandwich was disappointing or maybe he wishes that he could eat a sandwich without these bloody paparazzi spying on him. Who knows, it could be many things. I do wonder what he thinks of all this online attention he’s been getting lately because of this stupid snap shot. He is usually such a private guy and avoids most publicity.


His professional success aside he certainly has a lot of reasons to be sad. The guy had a very unstable childhood with a father imprisoned for selling heroin and a mother who travelled the world marrying different guys and divorcing them every 5 minutes. Despite all of this he has managed to maintain a strong sense of family and is devoted to his sisters. Being a dyslexic he didn’t enjoy his school time very much and did not excel in academics. He was very good at ice hockey but an injury crushed his dreams of playing hockey professionally. Tragedies in Keanu’s life include; a beloved sister diagnosed with leukaemia, a best friend dead from a drug overdose, a child still born and a fiancé dead in a car crash. That’s some heavy stuff!! Most of us would have a really hard time dealing with half the shit on this list.


I guess one good thing that’s come out of all this is that a lot of people have come out with personal stories telling what a nice, caring and down to earth guy Keanu Reeves is. Apparently he is really nice to work with and is incredibly generous both with his money and kindness. I think that’s commendable in a world where it’s all about status and how much money you make and how high up you are on the social scale.


People always talk about how dumb he is and what a crap actor he is. Well one of those things must not be true, how else can you explain not only his lengthy and successful career but the amount of really good films he has been in? Either he is a really good actor or he is really clever and knows how to choose the films he is part of and the people he works with. I personally think people are jealous of him and maybe a bit confused by his nonchalant approach to Hollywood and fame and aversion to all the publicity which other famous actors can’t exist without.


I’ll leave you with the brilliant “Hey There Keanu” 🙂


By Theodora, a blogger, actress and photographer who enjoys a good opinionated rant every now and again. She currently works for a site specialising in laptops and netbooks and takes great pleasure using them to cruise the web looking for the next meme or reading ridiculously long Reddit comment threads.

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6 Responses to “Why IS Keanu Reeves Sad?”

  1. Mapi.

    6 years ago

    Fuck to this video…and critics.
    What is disturbing you Joe?…
    Keanu , his way of life, his personality, his money…etc….hahaha¡
    Whats you win with this king of thing…Nothing to say more..Fuck baby¡¡


  2. Deena

    5 years ago

    It is still a mystery to me how successful Keanu is in his career judging on his acting ability. I have no doubts he is a great man off screen. That is probably one of the reasons why he is so successful. Kudos to him. But I am sorry to say I do think he is a bit dull especialu on interviews. Try to see some of them and you be the judge.


    • jeano

      4 years ago

      looks like Keanu is who he is and don’t give a hoot what anyone one thinks or says about him.Way to go Keanu!!!! i think he behaves this way on his interviews on purpose cause unlike the rest of hollywood and America,he likes his life private.i love this guy.


  3. The Judge

    3 years ago

    I hope he’ll be ok soon. My prayers for him to have an inner peace. What he is experiencing is not a joke.

    For those people who has nothing to do with him and bothering him, they should shush and go to hell.


  4. Pep

    1 year ago

    Love the guy, don’t care what anyone else thinks—that he’s a bad actor or whatever—


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