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WordPress is a great platform for building a website. It provides an easy interface which web designers can use to customize their site and their clients’ sites. One of the best WordPress features is that there is pretty much a plugin for every possible customization that you could need on a site. Listed here are some beneficial WordPress plugins that you may want to consider.

  1. Google Analytics and SEO pluginsyoast.com/wordpress/plugins/google-analytics/

    Both of these plugins are great for web designers. The Google Analytics plugin allows you to use Google to track traffic to your site. This plugin is very helpful when making small changes to the site to ensure that it is reaching its target audience. The Google Analytics plugin is developed by Yoast, and so is the WordPress SEO Plugin. Both of these plugins make optimizing your website easy. The WordPress SEO plugin previews your SEO Title and Meta descriptions. It provides feedback on your post based off the targeted keyword that you have selected, letting you know if you have missed that keyword in the post. It also adds a sitemap and provides verification functionality with all major search engines.

  2. Login Logowordpress.org/plugins/login-logo/

    The Login Logo is a very simple plugin that provides a simple, yet important customization for your site. Instead of the WordPress logo showing up on your site, it allows you to upload your own branded logo.

  3. Display Widgetswordpress.org/plugins/display-widgets/

    The plugin is extremely useful because it allows designers to have custom widgets on different pages of the site. When you take a widget and place it in the sidebar of a site it appears on every page. The Display Widget doesn’t need to be placed in the sidebar and can be placed within the body on any page that you desire.

  4. WP Database Managerwordpress.org/plugins/wp-dbmanager/

    Backing up your database can be a pain, especially when your site grows large. Unfortunately, it is a task that needs to be done regularly or else you could risk losing a lot of important data on your site. This plugin allows you to automatically backup the files on your server and schedule future updates.

  5. Duplicate Postwordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-post/

    The Duplicate Post plugin is a time saver. If you have content or page design that you like on your site, you can use this plugin to create a copy of that post or page. Then you can customize the copy without having to rebuild the entire post or page.

  6. Contact Form 7wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

    This plugin provides a really easy-to-use contact form creator for your site. It is also easily customizable with its own style sheet, called cforms, that goes on your server. Best part about Contact Form 7 is that it makes the securing of the contact form easy with a built-in CAPTCHA or security question feature.

  7. WordPress Table Renamehttp://www.seoegghead.com/software/wordpress-table-rename.seo

    This plugin allows you to change the default naming structure provided by WordPress. Sometimes, the WordPress defaults (file and folder structure) can be a security issue. This plugin allows you to change those default names without the risk of harming the WordPress installation.

  8. WP Maintenance Modewordpress.org/plugins/wp-maintenance-mode/

    While the site is being maintained or updated, this plugin presents a pretty “Under Construction” page as the home page.

  9. CryptXwordpress.org/plugins/cryptx/

    This plugin allows designers to add their email address to a page or post without a security risk. It encodes the email address and hides it from automated spammers.

  10. 125×125 Ad Managerwordpress.org/plugins/wp125/

    This WP125 Ad Manager plugin helps you to save time while setting up to monetize the WordPress website. It makes the insertion of ads easier and allows flexibility in placement. It also helps with the calculation of how long to run the ad by entering dates or the number of impressions. It provides the opportunity to manage several different ads in different locations on your site.

  11. Update Notifierwordpress.org/plugins/update-notifier/

    Once the design of the blog is complete, it is important for whoever is managing the site to keep the plugins up-to-date. This plugin provides an automated reminder to be sent to the site owner. That reminder informs the owner that the plugins need to be updated. This also keeps the site owner engaged in the site, making them more likely to regularly participate in the site.

  12. Social Media pluginwordpress.org/plugins/social-profiles-widget/

    There are two great social media plugins for WordPress. The Social Profiles Widget allows you to add your social media to the sidebar of your site, complete with customizable icons. The other social media plugin is the AddtoAny plugin, which makes adding social media icons to the bottom of every post an easy task.

  13. My Calendarwordpress.org/plugins/my-calendar/

    This customizable calendar plugin for WordPress allows you to show upcoming or past events or posts wherever the calendar is displayed. You can make multiple calendars that each categorize different events, allowing you to have multiple calendars on the site.

  14. Shopp for eCommerceshopplugin.net

    This is an easy-to-use plugin which allows the site manager to control the e-commerce features of their site. The best feature is that the e-commerce plugin is integrated with the most popular payment processors in the world — Paypal, Google Checkout, etc. — so setting up payment processing is very easy.

  15. Mobile Editionwordpress.org/plugins/wp-mobile-edition/

    Many people access the web via their phones these days. This plugin allows you to customize your site for visitors that come to the site using a mobile devices.

This is not a list of every beneficial WordPress plugin that ever existed, but it gives you an idea of where to start or where to add some more plugins to your site(s). Be sure to add your thoughts or recommendations in the comments below. We would love to hear form you.

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