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From rock ‘n’ roll music to controversial dancing, Elvis Presley is famous for a lot of things. One thing you may not know about is Elvis’s love of cars. His obsession began in the 1950s, and lasted all the way throughout his life; in fact, some of these cars even feature on a number of Elvis Presley collectables.

In the world of cars, Cadillac’s were the ones that Elvis was particularly fond of. He bought his first Cadillac after his first #1 record. Bob Neil, his former manager, remembered that Elvis was so thrilled with the car that he stayed up all night at the hotel where he was staying, just looking out of the window to see it in its glory.

However, it wasn’t always glory that this first car brought him. It caught fire whilst Elvis was driving, leading to a near death experience. By the time Elvis noticed the flames, the whole rear end of the car was ablaze. Elvis tried to fight against these, but he soon got dragged away by a bus load of people who had stopped to help. His words at the time were: “Man, I loved that car”, so he was clearly devastated by what had happened.

It wasn’t long before his first Cadillac was replaced though; he soon bought his famous pink Cadillac, which was later given to his mother. This wasn’t the only time; giving away cars as present was something that Elvis frequently did. In fact, he donated around 150 cars to his friends and family over the course of his life. These friends and family were dubbed the ‘Memphis Mafia’ as they spent a great deal of time around the singer; so many of these cars were simply fringe benefits of playing a practical role in his life.

Fans can still experience Elvis’s love of cars at the Elvis Presley Car Museum in Graceland. The pink Cadillac is there, amongst another 32 of his favourite cars. Also featured are the red MG from Blue Hawaii, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Stutz Blackhawks, a 1975 Dino Ferrari, and a 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible.

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